4 Motivational Phrases That Will Keep You Going When Losing Weight

It’s easy when it comes to drafting out a weight loss plan, but the same cannot be said when it comes to keeping yourself motivated to power through it. Motivation is often the highest when starting out and slowly declines as the days or weeks pass by. If the levels of motivation aren’t sustained throughout the entire process, then it is more likely for that person to give up entirely and go back to doing what they were prior to beginning a weight loss routine. Weight loss is extremely difficult and trying to hold on to motivation is the hardest part. So the next time you’re about to throw in the towel because you lack the motivation to continue, remember these 4 motivational phrases to keep you going.

When You Feel Like Quitting, Think About Why You Started!
Losing weight isn’t easy especially when you picture the long and challenging road ahead. Most often than not, it isn’t going to be a week or a month-long journey but instead, it is a lifelong commitment. You don’t stop when you’ve reached your goal, you have to keep pushing to make sure you don’t fall back into the ways of the old. So throughout the entire process, you should always have the reason for wanting to lose weight at the back of your mind. Is it because you want to be around for that special someone? Or you want to look better and live a healthier life? The reason that you have is one of the most important motivational tools at your disposal. So think about why you are doing this and you will be able to push through it, no matter how hard things may seem to get. Soon you will be driving yourself to limits you never knew were possible as you remain highly motivated to finish what you had initially started.

When You Cast Aside Excuses, You Will See Results.
Making excuses for yourself is a common thing in almost all aspects of life. Just put this at the back of your mind so that the next time you want to come up with an excuse that could stop you from eating healthy or going to the gym, you’ll know not to give in. Excuses are often a tactic used by the subconscious minds as a tactic to delay or stall. It’s a deadly form of procrastination that will never yield results and only prolong the inevitable. A great way to stop coming up with excuses is to stop talking about what you are going to be doing in the coming days or weeks. Instead, do those things now! Don’t give yourself the opportunity to make excuses if you decide on doing them later. If you feel truly passionate about losing weight then, you’ll find a way to do so now and not make excuses. Once you stop making excuses for yourself, that is when you will start to see the results. You can lose weight if you change some of your lifestyle habits, no matter who you are or what your circumstances but it can’t happen if there are excuses in the way.

The Body Achieves, What The Mind Believes
It’s pivotal that you have the right kind of mindset when embarking on a weight loss journey. Just like everything else, motivation often comes and goes so it’s key that your mind is fixed on achieving those goals that you have set. You have to be determined and resilient from a mental perspective. Should you be constantly feeding your mind positive and reassuring thoughts then you will not let anything get in your way. Your body listens to your mind so always keep it as positive as you can. However, if the state of your mind is being fed with negative thoughts that make you second guess yourself, then it is far more likely that you will give up anytime throughout the journey. We are what we think, often the biggest battles we face are the ones with ourselves. Picture yourself at the finish line and not thinking of whether you can actually do this. Once you are able to cast away the doubts and replace the “I can’t” with “I Can” then the sky is the limit for there is nothing you cannot do when your mind is all in. Just make sure you approach this whole thing with an opportunistic and a positive mindset

Focus On What You Want Your Life To Look Like
Think about what life will look like when you are at the finishing line. Think about how the changes will impact your everyday life. If losing weight means a more healthy and active lifestyle that you can spend with your loved ones, then think about that when you are in need of motivation. Don’t be so quick to judge progress based on what your body looks like right now and how much weight you have or have not lost. It’s common for everyone to have a bad week and not lose any weight or see any physical differences, but you should never jump into conclusions to judge yourself based on that one week alone. Reserve these judgments for when you happen to be at the end of the line and always picture what your life will look like in the future to keep yourself going throughout the entire journey. It’s true what they say, a healthy lifestyle is a happy lifestyle. One of the most important factors that you can aim for is a disease-free life. If you want your current or future to be less at risk of diseases, then focus on that to become your life.

Essentially, everyone has different factors that motivate them, therefore it’s important to find out what genuinely motivates you. Don’t forget to be flexible with yourself and to celebrate every small victory along the way. Keep these phrases at the back of your mind and remember that only you can change your life and no one else can do that for you.