Dance Plus Season 5

When you lose a basketball game, your fans are going to be so angry. Besides, who would want to pay for tickets then watch their team lose in a subpar effort? Nobody would ever want to do that. Therefore, it would be time to motivate your players to win the next game. None of them should be wanting to play the game just for the sake of losing calories. If that is what they wanted to do then they should have just went to the gym. If you are in a league, nobody would want to watch two teams play a pickup game. They would want to watch a serious and competitive game. There may be some past situations when players played to lose because they bet on the other side. However, that should never happen as players who do that should be banned from playing the game they love for the rest of their life. It should teach them a lesson because it takes away the fun of the game. Here are some ways to motivate your players:
Dinner Afterwards
Games are usually scheduled late nights. If you tell them that you will treat them to dinner afterwards then they are going to be very excited. They will get even more excited when you tell them that it is going to be a buffet. They will lose a lot of calories in the game but they will get to eat delicious food afteward. Who would not want that? You can expect them to eat fast due to how tired they are from the game. Since they are looking forward to the dinner, you can also expect them to want to get the game over with as soon as possible. You can’t blame them for wanting to win in an ugly manner. Thus, if they give everything they have, you can expect a romp. If you know their favorite restaurant then you can mention that to them. They will definitely keep that in mind while playing the game of their lives. Like they say, the best way through a man’s hear is through his stomach. Of course, don’t forget dessert.
New Rotation
There are some players who are not given the time to show what they are capable of. When you draw a new rotation, everyone will get quality playing time. That doesn’t mean others will be unhappy though. Besides, some players may be used to getting a ton of playing time and when it diminishes, they may not be too happy with that. As a result, you must tell them to be a team player because it is for the good of the team. You know some of your players are aching to get into the game in order to help the team win. When one of your star players struggle, it would be best to bench him for a few minutes and let someone else have the glory? Who knows? You may suddenly motivate someone to play his best given the circumstances.
Customized Shoes
Most players would want their own shoes made. They would rather not shop expensive ones from Adidas and Nike. They would certainly get motivated if they have their own style in the shoes they are wearing. Not only that, they would be more than happy to use the shoes every time they play. It is no secret each basketball players needs many shoes not just a pair for playing.
Invite Friends and Family
There are some players who would love to have their family and friends support them. However, they are too busy to get them tickets. Thus, they would really appreciate it if you find a way to get their family and friends to cheer for them. You are probably aware they are used to seeing your players on TV. However, it is a whole different ballgame when they see them live. They will definitely cheer every time your team makes a basket. That would go a long way in making them play better. You can also guarantee your invited guests will have a great time. They may even buy a lot of food and drinks from the concessinaires because of the awesome experience. You can expect them to be wearing jerseys of your team so everyone will know who they are rooting for. You can’t just let their actions symbolize their words.
Remind them to Win
Before the game, better cook up a game plan in order to remind everyone that the ultimate goal is to win. Of course, nobody wants to hurt any basketball player. You should not motivate your players to be ballhogs either. That would not be good for the team. Always tell them to do things that are great for the team. Nothing would make every member of the team feel better than when the final buzzer sounds and you see the scoreboard and it is your team that it is on top. Yes, from the ballboys up to the water guys, you know they are all going to be happy. Everyone will do their part since it is a team game after all. Each player of the team must know his role. The point guard must be the one distributing the rock while the center must be the one rebounding it.
Now that you know what you need to do to get your basketball players excited, you must think of plays to execute in the game. Also, better scout the opponent. If possible, watch their past games for you to know their strengths and weaknesses. If they have a star player then you must figure out what you need to do to stop that person. If that person ends up scoring at will then you only have your defense to blame for that. You can watch his moves and think of a good counter. For example, if that person relies heavily on fadeaway jumpers that always go in then better send a second defender to wait for his jumpshot.