Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai

When we are happy, we tend to live longer. Thus, we must forget about all the negative thoughts. It is normal to come across negative situations. For example, you may get into a fight with a colleague over some petty stuff. Once we go through a bunch of obstacles, it is possible we won’t be satisfied with it. For example, we may not like our current state. We may not be with the right person or we may not be attending the right course at school. Thus, you are probably not happy with what you are doing. You may also not like what you are doing at work even if your colleagues are not noticing that. Here are a few ways for you to become happy with your life:
Go to a Comedy Show
They say laughter is the best medicine. If that is true then go to a comedy show immediately. The standup comedians will do their best to tickle your funny bone. Expect them to tackle a variety of topics from politics, sports, food, and even family values. Some celebrities will probably get insulted in the process but it is all for fun so nobody should report what they say. There are times when you could not really relate to what they are saying so you can’t help but not laugh. They may get insulted if you are not laughing but that is alright because
Hang Out with Real Friends
When you meet people who cheer you up, you must take down their number then hang out with them again. Even though there may be times when your schedules won’t match up, it would be best to wait for a time when the schedules match. Avoid hanging out with people who do nothing but insult you. It would be a waste of time and you will be affected emotionally. For example, if you are with a group of friends and one of them tells you that you are fat all the time then better say goodbye to that group of friends. You are going to benefit more if you are alone than with them. Once you find out your common interests with some friends, you can do those things with them. For example, you find some people who also like to cook vegetarian food. You can bond with them by doing just that and you will have a lot of fun.
Do Things that Make You Happy
Whether it is playing video games or watching anime movies, you should do things that make you happy. You will be surprised at how fast time flies while you are doing these things. As they say, time flies when you are having a lot of fun. There are even some things that can make you happy and do other good things at the same time. For example, playing basketball with friends can make you happy and at the same time, it makes you lose a bunch of calories. You will definitely feel good about yourself when you look thinner in front of the mirror. You will build self-esteem and that will make you perform better in your everyday tasks.
Get Rid of Negative People
When you know someone who bullied you in the past, better block that person on Facebook. There may be a chance that this person would ask for forgiveness in the future. Unfortunately, leopards don’t really change their spots as they could do the same thing to you even if you are already adults. Good thing, it won’t take long to block these people from social media. There is a reason why there is a block option on Facebook. The website knows that you don’t want to connect with everybody in your life. There are some useless people that would attempt to bring you down just so their level would rise. When you say goodbye to these people, you can forget that they ever existed. You can welcome more like-minded people to your world. It would be great to welcome the next day with a new set of friends.
Accept Change
If there is one thing that is constant in life, it is that change will happen. For example, what you have right now may not exactly be what you will have ten years from now. If you currently live in a big house, you may end up living in a small apartment in the future. Of course, that would depend if you work hard. If you continue to depend on other people to feed you, that will probably not happen five years from now. They may end up leaving you for greener pastures. Another example would be the value of money is ever-changing. The price of rice today may not be the same a few years from now. It will definitely go up because of inflation. You can never do anything about that so the best thing you can do is just to accept it.
After finding out what you can do to bring happiness in your life, you must implement these tactics immediately. Besides, why would you want to be unhappy for a single second in your life? It is like doing something you are not happy with but you are doing it anyway just so it could be over. Everybody deserves to be happy no matter what your status in life is. There are some simple things that we can do and they may end up giving us joy and happiness. These things only take up a few minutes of our time but they can contribute a lot to our overall health. Besides, if you are not happy then you may do some nasty things to yourself and other people. Loneliness is never healthy and you never want to experience it. If you don’t know what makes you happy, you may want to go on a vacation. Why not go on a hiking trip or the beach? You will surely meet other people who enjoy doing the exact same thing.