Ek Mahanayak Dr B R Ambedkar

Imagine you are at an amusement park. What fun! There are popcorn stands scattered around and fun roller coasters to enjoy. You love being there, and you feel so much joy at the thought of staying there all day. Do you wish you could feel like this all the time? Well, you can!
Joy is an emotion of great happiness caused by something really good or satisfying. So, having joy is like being really happy because of good things that happen to you. Good things that last for a while.
Joy is a little bigger than happiness. Not only is it being happy, but being highly satisfied with the way life is going. In other words, happiness can be temporary while joy is something that lasts.
It can be a struggle to be happy in today’s world. True, there are conflicts within families. There is hopelessness and depression. There are natural disasters that seem to diminish all optimism for a better world. How can you be joyful in such circumstances?
No matter what background you come from, you must realize that joy is not out of reach. It is possible for you to be joyful, even in the most unlikely of circumstances. You must never give up or believe that joy is impossible for someone like you, because it isn’t.
If joy seems like just a dream now, that’s okay. It doesn’t mean it will never come and it certainly doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It will come, and with the right attitude, you’ll be smiling in no time. All you need is the right mindset to turn your sadness into joy. It takes practice, but you can do it.
Joy is available to the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, the young and the old. Nobody is immune to joy. If you are breathing, then you are allowed to have joy. You just may need a little help to find it, but every time you overcome sadness with joy, it becomes easier.
So, how can you feel joy? First of all, pay attention to what makes you happy. Are you happy when you hear a funny joke? Or when you eat your favorite food? How about when you play rocket ships with your older brother? Write down what makes you happy, so you can know what to do whenever you’re not happy.
If you are having a rough day, then make a list of the reasons why you are not happy. Maybe someone hurt your feelings or you didn’t get what you wanted. Now, look at the list of what makes you happy, and choose something to do on it. Then, make a plan of what to do to be happy again. You can also talk with a parent or adult to help you be joyful again.
Another way to be joyful is to do something you are proud of. This could be as simple as building your dream house with tiny, plastic building blocks. Or, you could write stories about whatever you want in a notebook. If you do something you are happy about, then you can look back at your hard work and it will fill you with joy.
If you are sad, think about what you need to make you happy. Is it something you can get easily by going to your toy box or talking to someone? If there is an easy fix to bring back your joy, then do it. No matter how sad you may feel, there will always be something that can cheer you up, even if you need to spend some time looking for what it is.
If you seem to never be happy, then you should analyze your thoughts. Every time you thing negatively, you will be less likely to experience joy. So, whenever you are sad or angry about life, then stop and think. Change your perspective so you can see the good instead of the bad.
For example, if your friend took a toy that you wanted to play with, then instead of thinking “he is such a bad friend because he took my toy” you could think “maybe it was an accident and he didn’t know I wanted to play with it.” If you change your perspective to be more positive, then you can be joyful.
Think of all the happy things that happen to you, not the sad things. Instead of thinking “I don’t have many friends so I must be a bad guy,” try thinking “wow, I have the best friend in the world, because he shared his crackers with me!” If you start feeling down, then think about the good things that are happening and you’ll be cheered up quickly.
One of the best ways to have joy is by bringing joy to others. If you are having a bad day, remember that there are many other people having a bad day too. You should do something to help another person having a bad day. For example, you can hold the door open for someone. Or, you can help your parents clean the kitchen.
By helping others, you forget about the sadness that you feel and become happy. You can brighten someone’s day, and when they smile, you will find it hard not to smile yourself. Serving others can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and will make another person’s day better as well as yours.
Do you think it is impossible for you to have joy? Well, think again because you can have it. You may need to change your thoughts or actions to do it, but it will never become impossible for you to be happy. If you need help, a grown-up can help you feel better and give you ideas of things to do to cheer up.
Joy is a lasting happiness that you can feel no matter what life throws at you. We all have times we feel sad and hopeless, and that’s okay. If you remember the good in your life and change your thoughts to be more positive, then you can be like the smiley-face emoji again.