Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari

Sadness, failure, defeat – We’ve all felt it. It has hit us like a full-speed 747 – BAM. But yet here we are; smiling, laughing, “simply breathing,” – Enjoying life itself. “How did we get here,” after being touched by such low moments – “We became inspired.” Inspired by the books we’ve read, the movies we’ve watched, the songs we’ve listened to – And the determination (when we were at our lowest point) of that person that stared back us, when we looked in the mirror and said “This is not it for me. My wings are ripped, torn, ‘broken,’ but I WILL fly again. I WILL rise. I WILL soar.” “We became inspired.” Inspired by authors, actors, athletes, musicians, by the teacher who teachers less fortunate kids for free, by the single parent who works 2 jobs, just so their kid can go to a great school. We became inspired by the teen who makes the right choice when peer pressure is telling them to make the wrong one. “Inspiration” – Those shining lights that move us. What would life be without them?
The Competition
Everyone that gets up every day with something to do – whether working, going to school, or raising their kids – it’s competing. Their main competitor is- Yesterday’s version of themselves. The person that was one day younger, one step faster, one muscle stronger. How do we beat this competitor – by being honest with ourselves? By recognizing our strengths, but understanding our weaknesses. By being strong enough to admit to ourselves, “that we are not perfect” – we have faults. This is the best chance we give to ourselves for beating our number 1 competitor – And we can do it?
When you go to work, and you strive to have the best day possible, are you truly giving it your all? Or are you just coasting? When you go to school, are you studying as hard as you possibly can? Or are you just rolling on cruise control? When you get up every day, to raise your kids, are you teaching them the best lessons you possibly can? Or are you just winging it?
The way we act, the way we speak, “the way we present ourselves to the world” – Gives an outward answer to all of these questions, but what do we believe? Is this the way “we” see ourselves? Are we inspiring the person that stares back at us in the mirror?
Great actors, politicians, soldiers, teachers, say “yes – we are.” We are touching on something inside of us that we can use as fuel – Fuel to hold us up, in unexpected situations. Fuel to light a fire under us, when it seems like our flames has grown dim. And this is one of those moments when the best of who we are is brought to the forefront.
The Defeat
When the realization hits you, that you are number 2, you may feel disappointed. But when the realization hits you that compared to a lot of other people (on your own personal, measuring frequency), that you are number 100 out of a possible 100 – “you feel like your whole world just collapsed.”
You don’t feel the sunshine when the sun’s out. You don’t enjoy your favorite songs when they pop on the radio. Your favorite foods don’t taste the same, and other things that you love, seem almost unrecognizable. “You lost.” You were defeated – By yesterday’s version of you. You hit rock bottom. “But is this it?” Which is the question running through your mind, followed by “Am I really this low?”
Your world is shattered, and even after playing your current situation back in your mind, over and over again, you are not quite sure how you ended up there. But the emotional weight you feel in that current moment, “feels absolutely devastating!”
When situations such as these arise the great athletics, speakers, motivators, and educators, of our generation, admit that “they do” feel the defeat. They do feel low. They do feel like the ground has been torn from under their feet, but they also say, this is a moment that can set you on a course that can change your life for the better, but you must dig deep.
The Rise
We begin to read a book – And a few lines hit a note in us. We hear a song, and a few words trigger something inside of us. We see a great athletic accomplishment, and we feel a surge of energy inside of us. “We are being inspired.” There is this voice inside of us that is saying “Get up.” “Don’t let this situation defeat you.” “You are stronger than this.” And as you continue to read the book, “And a few more lines touch something inside of you.” You hear another song, more lyrics trigger something in you. You see another great athletic achievement, and you feel another surge, of energy.
A light has taken hold of you. You no longer want to sit around feeling sad. You no longer want to bring yourself down with pessimistic thoughts. You say to yourself “Yes, I’ve felt sadness. Yes, I’ve felt failure. And yes, I’ve felt defeated – We’ve all felt it. But this is not it for me. ‘This is not my end.’ I will fly, I will rise, I will soar. ‘I will be – Inspired.'”
Being inspired is being in touch, with the deepest parts of your character, and truly believing and what makes you – you! To feel this will life you up in your dark times, as well as your brightest moments. You can read a book to get inspired. You can listen to a song and get inspired. You can watch a movie to get inspired, or maybe watch a speech. But true inspiration is staring us back at us every day, when we look in the mirror in the morning, and when we go to bed at night. And true inspired is saying “Good morning, today you will be a champion.” And, “Today you were a champion – ‘Today you were inspired.'”