Jagat Janani Maa Vaishnodevi

If you are in charge of promoting a concert that has an international act, you know you have your work cut out for you. First of all, it is no easy task performing a musical act especially since the ticket prices are known to be high. Of course, that would depend entirely on who the act is. If nobody knows who the musical act is then you have no reason to want a high price for the tickets. If the musical act was able to release a certified hit album then you have all the reason in the world to want high prices for the tickets. In fact, your prices should be through the roof and people would still want to buy them. Here are a few ways to increase the ticket sales:
Promote on Social Media
Believe it or not, you can post on Facebook and it is absolutely free. First, you must build up your Facebook page by getting a lot of people to like it. You can also boost it on Facebook and it will get a lot of organic likes from people you don’t know. Who knows? They may end up attending the concert even if they don’t know who the musical act is. Facebook ads is much cheaper and more effective than traditional marketing. If you are thinking of getting a celebrity to promote the concert, you better think about what you will pay the person. Another factor would be the celebrity’s number of Instagram followers. If it is more than a million, then it will probably be worth it to pay her the amount she wants.
Early Bird Rates
You must put out a list of prices where the tickets are much cheaper. This would entice fans to purchase tickets at the earliest possible time. Even if they change their minds about going to the concert, they could resell the tickets. They could even gain a small amount of money from doing that. However, if they are in a hurry in reselling the tickets, they don’t have to put something on top of what they paid for it. A lot of fans are going to be happy with that. The time period of buying the early bird tickets should only be a maximum of one week. After that, it should go back to the normal rates.
Hire Influencers
There are many influencers who would promote the concert in exchange for freebies. Take a look at their number of followers though. Why would you give a free ticket to someone who just has 300 followers on Instagram? Some fashion and lifestyle bloggers have tons of followers because they have been in the industry for a long time. Thus, you can’t blame them if they also want some cash to go along with the freebies they are going to get. There are some influencers who have a snotty attitude though. They are pretty hard to deal with and they may even cancel at the last minute. Everything should be in print though. There should be a time and place for when the influencer should post her Instagram posts. The influencer should not be the one to choose how many she should post. If you give her a free ticket and she just makes one post that she is at the venue then the deal ain’t worth it. The influencer should post before the event, during the event and after it. If she does that then the deal will be pretty much worth it. Also, the influencer should be dressed nicely. Nobody would pay attention to her posts if she is not dressed for the occasion.
Make a Good Poster in Different Versions
Perhaps, the most important thing to remember would be to hire a good graphic designer. Tell them they will receive something huge if they get hired. Of course, they will give you a bunch of drafts until you see something you like. You would need to tell them what you like in a poster though. They can’t read your mind so you would need to tell them what you need. You must also take a look at each candidate’s portfolio. Since you will be needing just one poster for the event, hire a freelance graphic designer. It would make no sense to hire an in-house one unless you would want the person to also take pictures at the event. Of course, you would need to pay the person a lot more than the normal rate for doing two tasks at once. It would be a lot better if the graphic designer can make more than one poster. One poster should feature all the musical acts while the other should only feature text. The reason for that is variety or both of them can feature the musical acts. The graphic designer can be as creative as she wants when it comes to how she will present the performers in the poster.
Now that you know how to successfully promote a concert featuring any local musical act, the next thing to do would be to post the ticket prices. When someone Googles the ticket prices of the concert, that must immediately come out. Therefore, you must have a website exclusively for that. Also, fans should be able to order online so it would be much easier. It would be a big hassle if they would need to meet someone. Remember, the convenience of buying tickets would be a big factor in making the fans decide whether they will buy or not. Thus, it would be a great idea to partner with malls. They should have ticketing services that would allow patrons to buy tickets at the mall that is the nearest to them. As a result, they don’t have to go to the venue of the concert just to buy tickets. Remember to tell everyone that it won’t be safe to purchase from sellers who are not licensed. They may get victimized by scams and they only have themselves to blame for that.