Kumkum Bhagya



They (Suhaani and yuvraj)ultimately get married and Soumya leaves the house however more issues rise up. Suhani leaves the house because she has a strong perception that there may be no courting without love. Then the circle of relatives is being cheated via Mr Saxena, the man in price of their corporation. Yuvraj’s mother, thinking speedy, receives Suhani again from her parents to help them. Yuvraj’s grandma, but, isn’t always very happy with this selection. Therefore, she says that if Suhani cannot capture the person who cheated them, or reveal Mr Saxena, in 24 hours, then she might kick her out of the house once more. Suhani ultimately manages to capture the man, but a person tampers along with her proof, which brings her returned to square one and on the hazard of dropping her husband again. Then another trouble arises when Krishna is sent to prison for stealing Birla organization money. Then Suhani manages to deliver scouse borrow out and tells all the circle of relatives contributors that you have to positioned your attempt to convey the name of Birlas again however for that you need to cross in company and should paintings tough. After such a lot of happenings love triangle is made in love of suhani yuvraj and rohan a lawyer and daadi’s relative. But in latter element is shown that Rohan and Suhani are going to marry however a surprising entry of Yuvraj and confession of his like to suhani adjustments Rohan’s thoughts. Then a twist got here that is Amit, husband of Bhavna dies and Bhavna is married to Sharad and is in Birla residence with her infant. Daadi plans to create false impression between  sisters. Later Yuvraj plans for an outing with Suhani seeing the troubles between Bhavna and Suhani. There they discover a mysterious female with a masks, who saves,Suhani from demise. Later they take their to her home and Suhani begins proving all of us that it’s miles Yuvraj’s misplaced sister Gauri. But nobody believes. Therefore, Yuvraj does a mystery DNA check and find out that she is Birla’s daughter. Later Gauri falls in love with aditya and after passing hurdles, they marry.After that a brand new individual comes named Barbie.She is Suhani’s child’s surrogate mother.She and dadi plans to split Yuvraaj and Suhani.In order to achieve this she kidnaps suhani and dadi forces her to marry yuvraj. Everyone believes that suhani has died however she is saved and returns. She comes to recognise that barbie secretly loves yuvraaj and he or she has faked her pregnancy i.E. Barbie is not pregnant and is best appearing. Soon barbie kidnaps pratima and attempts to kill her but yuvraaj and the entire birla family save her on holi. Then it’s miles found out that suhani as well as soumya, both are pregnant.Later barbie’s brother Sajan and barbie does a conspiracy.They vegetation a bomb in birla’s farmhouse.The bomb blasts kills krishna and gauri.Here the show takes a leap.

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