Madam Sir

We are already in 2020, and so if you have not made your resolutions yet, this is the time. New Year resolutions can range from financial freedom, taking a vacation at the end of the year, making new investments, clearing your debts, etc. However, as people come up with New Year resolutions, they rarely think of their wellbeing i.e., eating healthy meals and general physical fitness. This is, therefore, the year to take good care of yourself, because without good health and fitness, you will not be productive and so you won’t realize your other resolutions for the year 2020. If you have no idea on where to start, below are five health fitness 2020 resolutions that will help you keep fit and healthy.

Joining a Gym

For the purposes of keeping fit, the first thing you need to think about is joining a gym. It is the easiest route to take in your journey to keeping fit. This is also because there are many gyms in our neighborhoods, and all you need is sign up. But before you sign up, take a tour around the available gyms, ask questions, seek recommendations from neighbors and friends and then settle on the best gym. Once you have settled on one gym, you can then visit the gym, choose a personal trainer, and then start your journey to fitness. You can always start with a one month contract and soon sign a long term contract. During your one-month gym contract, you will know if the gym suits your needs or not. If the gym isn’t meeting your needs or not suitable, look for a different gym.

Joining a Team

The next thing on the list is to join a team that engages in recreation activities or sports, for example, basketball or indoor soccer. Join a group is simple and effective in your journey to physical fitness. Being on a team gives a sense of belonging, and you feel that you are a part of something. Besides, what’s better than to be on a team with likeminded individuals. However, before you join a team, you have to consider a few things. For example, consider the nature of your work for purposes of availability and being active in the group. Also, know your strengths and your interests. For example, do not join a soccer team if you have interests only on basketball. By joining such groups, your journey to fitness will be flawless, and at the same time, you will build networks with different people.

Buy a video workout routine.

Buying a home workout routine videos can be an excellent New Year resolution as far as fitness is concerned. For example, if you’re new to gyms or gyms are not your thing, then workout videos will be of great help to you. With these videos, you can even engage your family members and take a fitness journey together. These workout videos are also great if you’re on a budget and cannot afford the gym subscriptions. This workout videos will surely motivate you to keep fit, and before 2020 ends, you will be healthier than you were in 2019.

Hiring a Coach

Sometimes you may want to keep fit, but you do not know where to begin, which activities to engage yourself in, or even the steps to take. If you’re in this situation, then make hiring a coach your 2020 resolution. You can decide to use a physical coach or an online coach. The couch will help you make the plan to whatever your fitness goals are, and then it will be your job to take action and put the program to work.

By hiring a coach, you will feel motivated as you have to prove to him/her that you can accomplish whatever he maps out for you. You will always feel great impressing your coach by earning your desired results through discipline and hard work. The bottom line is getting a coach that suits your needs and one that is more result-oriented and not money-oriented.

Participate in virtual challenges

Participating in virtual challenges is last in this list, as there is lots of skepticism. These challenges are new, and lots of people are hesitant to try them. A virtual challenge can range from anything like a six to ten-week fat loss challenge to an eight-week muscle-building challenge and so on. Everything is done online, and the aim is attaining general fitness. The good thing about these virtual challenges is that you can do what you want at your convenience. For example, you can work out when you want as long as you have the discipline, and you can follow the routine given. You can perform workout routines at work or home or even at the gym.

With this virtual challenges, you can follow a specific diet and will enjoy being part of the team. Also, there is the benefit of getting motivation from other participants as they post their progress and challenges. There are many benefits of these virtual fitness challenges, for example, flexibility and convenience. The bottom line is to remain competitive, focused, disciplined, motivated, and have the desire to win the challenges. Besides, you lose nothing by trying such challenges. You can even engage a couch to increase your chances of winning the challenges.


Hopefully, these 5 New Year’s fitness resolutions have given you an idea of what you can do to keep fit in 2020. Remember that you shouldn’t compare yourself to others as we have different struggles. Focus on your growth in 2020 and know how important you are to the people around you and the world. Be sure to find a resolution that will bring you gratification, happiness, and positive changes. Also, keep in mind that time is precious, and you should start focusing on your resolutions as early as now. Choose something that will benefit you and one that you can start immediately. Whichever fitness resolution you choose, give it your all no matter how big or small it is. Be willing to change and get out of your comfort zones, and 2020 will be your year more so when regarding keeping fit. Do not wait for tomorrow or next Monday, make a decision, and start today. Good luck!