Manoj Bajpayee won the Best Actor Award at IFFM 2018, said he feels great to chose right script

Manoj Bajpayee recently got overwhelmed after receiving the best award actor for his independent film Gali Guleiyan at the IFFM (India Film Festival of Melbourne). The actor talked about how feels great to chose the right kind of script. He shared about the award, mentioned that it is quite different award. Manoj Bajpayee who is going to be featured in upcoming Bollywood film Satyamev Jayate along with John Abraham shared that jury consisted 90-95 percent of Australian film Industry. The actor further added the people included are among those who have worked in Hollywood. Manoj further mentioned that it was overall a great feeling to be judged by such significant personalities. Manoj Bajpayee who has won 2 national awards also featured in a film titled as Love Sonia which kick-started the film festival in Australia. The film has received a huge appreciation at the event. The actor also shared that it has been quite humbling. He also added that he feels great now that he has chosen that script.
About the film and his character, he mentioned that it was toughest role that he has ever done in her entire career. He shared that his character in the film was about a trapped mind where he wanted to go towards thousands of direction. He also talked about his film Love Sonia where it is about women trafficking. He added that the film is captured in the most realistic approach and it shook the people’s gut.