Mere Dad Ki Dulhan

There are times when we want to resign from work. You can’t really blame yourself because you are doing the same old thing each day. You would want a bit of a change so you are going to be tempted to transfer to another company. After that, you will wonder if you are just not getting motivated enough at work. Besides, there are so many distractions available but some bosses manage to turn those things off. For example, you can always go to your Facebook and Twitter account so you can comment on your friends’ posts. Unfortunately, your boss can block that site. When that happens, you have no choice but to focus on the tasks at hand. Here are a few ways to get motivated in your current job:
Get Feedback
There is no such thing as a perfect employee. No matter how good you think you are, you still have things to improve on. It is always a good time to ask your superior or your colleagues what areas you need to focus on. They would be very happy that you want to improve your skills. Your boss would love to teach you because it will be good for the company. In fact, you can even tell him you are willing to work long hours just to improve yourself. It would help if you can take down notes so you will remember what the person told you.
Learn a New Skill
Whether it is computing for an employee’s salary or giving an invoice, there are many things you can learn in your company. The question is not who is going to teach you the skill but whether they will actually do it. Besides, some employees will fear you would want to take over their job. They will think you would want to have two jobs at once and the company won’t have any use for them anymore. Thus, you must tell that person that it is not your agenda to take his job. You just want to learn something new because it feels great. Besides, you never know when someone is absent from work. When that happens, someone has to take over his work. You could be that person and you will learn even more things about his work.
Ask for a Raise
It may be a bit abrupt to ask for a raise in your salary but you deserve to get paid for all the hard work you put in. Besides, money is everything in this world so that will definitely motivate you when your salary gets increased. However, there is no guarantee the boss will approve your request. Besides, how about other employees who have yet to see a raise in their salary after all the years they’ve spent working in the company? They probably deserve a raise too but they still haven’t gotten it. When you get more money, you will be able to send your kids to a better school and you will be able to buy that washing machine you’ve always wanted. No matter how much you say money can’t buy happiness, you have to admit it does. You would be very happy if you would get more greens coming your way. It would be great if you will get it just by requesting it but that would depend on your boss. It might take some time for them to evaluate your performance leading up to a possible raise.
Take a Vacation
If you still have a lot of vacation leaves left, then why not go use them? Why not take a beach trip or even a camping trip? It would be great to forget about work for a few days. You will meet a lot of like-minded people but that would depend on where you plan to stay. If you stay at a hostel, you will definitely meet a bunch of cool new people there. If you are at a city where the beach is just a few hours away then take advantage of that. That means it won’t cost you that much to have a quick vacation. Instead of bringing your own car, you should just take the bus. The long travel will give you an opportunity to rest your body even more. When you get to the beach, you can swim while staring at the beautiful sunset. Of course, don’t forget to take a lot of nice pictures.
Find a Job that is Interesting
It is possible that your boss may put you in another department if he sees you are currently not enjoying your job anymore. Thus, the solution is not always to resign from your job if you are not motivated with it anymore. When you have a bunch of new tasks to do each day, you will suddenly get motivated to come to work each day. It will be a long time before you would want to get transferred to a new department again. Of course, whether you like your new tasks would be a whole different story.
Now that you know what you need to do to get motivated at work, you must start immediately. Besides, there is no time to waste since you are getting paid each second while you are at the office. If you are sitting still not knowing what to do next then you are going to be bored one way or the other. If your other colleagues see you are not doing anything then they will most likely snitch on you. It is hard to trust anybody at work. Some colleagues will pretend to be your friend but they will stab you in the back when you least expect it. Yes, you should be suspicious about people who are too friendly towards you. There is a big chance they would want something in return for being nice. When that time comes, better not give in to their requests. Office politics exist in almost every company though. There is no way you should let it affect your performance though.