MTV Box Cricket League

MTV Box Cricket League is show based upon the innovative conceptualization of sports, celebrities and entertainment collaborated together for the television broadcasting. MTV Box Cricket League is one of its first kind sports entertainment television reality show where the concept of indoor cricketing is introduced on the national television for the sake of entertainment and sports at single time. The pilot season of the show organised earlier in 2014, the month of April where the Balaji Films and Marinating Films collaborated to produce it appear to be quite successful on the television. As for the television broadcasting the BCL pilot season was launched on the Sony Entertainment Channel. This next avatar of the Box Cricket League came as MTV Box Cricket League with some upgradation and better entertainment value on larger scale. This time, Marinating Films and Colors group has collaborated along the Balaji Films in the production as well as the distribution of the sports entertainment show which made it more entertaining and larger. 13th February was the premier of the show on the channel MTV where more than 200 celebrity actors has participated in the indoor cricket game reality show with certain develop rules for indoor cricketing.