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Self-motivation is crucial since it helps us achieve our goals and success in life, it also helps us be able to explore new ideas and gain new information, creates room for self-improvement and make us able to achieve our goals without relying on others. There are various ways that one can improve their self-motivation.

Set goals which are specific and challenging

According to research by setting goals which are general and less challenging people tend to lessen their motivation in achieving those goals as opposed to setting goals which have a specific objective and pose challenges. As you overcome the challenges, the brain will be stimulated to release dopamine hormones, which help to make you excited to achieve more. Ensure that your goals are both realistic and slightly out there, this will help you to reduce your fear of failing since even when you don’t achieve them you would have done something different from what you did before. Make sure your goals are also large as this will encourage you to feel motivated to achieve them as opposed to when you set small goals.

Celebrate your successes/wins

Write down your wins and successes; this will make you more focused on achieving more success other than focusing on your failures. Even before you achieve your primary goal, make sure you celebrate your little accomplishments that contribute to the achievement of the main success.

Do research

Research on what you are about to do this helps to give you a mental picture of the reality, and you may also be able to know the problems you might face. By researching you also help in making the challenges easier and taming your expectations. You can try some of the solutions that people who did what you are doing used, this helps to give you an outlook.

Be accountable

It’s essential to hold yourself accountable to achieve your goals. You can search for mentors that will help you in being more accountable and also provide you with next action on what to do if you are unable to achieve your goals.

Own it

Take control and own what you are doing this will help you to be more motivated to improving or achieving your objective. If you are working with a team, make sure you give a chance to each member to own their work, this will help in encouraging them to achieve more and even boost their pride in what they do.

Encourage positive thinking

Try to think positively even during challenging moments; this will help to keep your motivation in check. Negative thoughts can kill our motivation with a high percentage. You can be asking yourself the uplifting question every morning before starting your work. This question helps you to feel important and give you positive feelings.

Start small

By starting small, it will encourage you to continue working towards bigger goals. For self-motivation, it’s recommended that one to start with small tasks first and proceed to the large tasks this helps in the stimulation of the brain and increase focus. If it’s a task which comprises many tasks, then you can break it down to small tasks, this will help you to be more focused on that particular task.

Start with tough tasks

Start with the toughest tasks first as this helps to reduce fear and increase confidence in what you are doing. By starting with the toughest task, it motivates you to complete them fast to proceed with the easiest tasks.

Compare you with you

By comparing ourselves with others, it can reduce our motivation. Thus it’s important to compare yourself with yourself; this makes you more focused on achieving your goals, your results, and know how to improve yourself. Self-review also shows you how far you have come and the things you have been able to accomplish thus helping in increasing your self-motivation. By comparing yourself with yourself, you can know your mistakes and how to correct them.

Get out of your comfort zone

Pose challenges to yourself; this will help to boost your motivation. This also helps you to get rid of your fears. You may also use your creativity to write down ideas on particular tasks. This can help in reducing your fears and come up with ideas that are out of your comfort zone.

Find out why you want to achieve your goals

Write down the reason for your goals and the reason why you want to achieve them. Put them in a visible place so they can act as a constant reminder, this helps you to be focused, stay on track, and it becomes easier to achieve them. If you have a good reason for doing something, then it’s easy to get it done. By writing your goals, it will help you identify realistic and unrealistic goals.

Embrace failure

Since failure is part of success, then don’t fear to fail instead learn from your failures. Make failures your source of motivation.

Reap rewards

It’s crucial you treat yourself after achieving your goals; this motivates you to strive for more success. You can be making deals with yourself at the end of every task you treat yourself with something you love, for example, a swimming or ice cream.

Regulate your information intake

Reduce negative information intake either from the media or people around you and focus on taking in positive information. You can read motivational books or even create motivational songs or speeches for yourself that you can be listening to. Watch less and do more.

Small successes contribute to great success; it’s thus important to start small and stop overthinking, getting discouraged or overwhelmed and focus on motivating yourself daily. Have fun when doing your tasks; this will help in boosting your motivation. You can also look for people to inspire you but still remember they are also human, so don’t rely so much on them. Make sure you do what makes you happy this will also boost your self-motivation. Maximize your days by making each day count.