Muskaan is Hindi soap opera serial premier on Star Bharat channel.  The show official episode on aired on 29 May 2018.   Muskaan is directed by Dilip Kuma and the show replaced the serial Jai Kanhaniya Lal ki.  The serial is produced under the banner of Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited.  Well, the story of the show involves around Aarti who tries to protect her daughter Muskaan from her reality and her world. Unaware of the truth of her mother, Muskaan wants to live with her mother but due to the condition, her mother maintains a distance between them.  Muskaan did not know the reality that her mother is a sex worker and that’s why she doesn’t want her daughter to get involved in these things. The show is going to show the different side and shades of sex worker’s life and how they protect their family. The show is about a mother who will do anything in order to protect her daughter and fight with everyone at any cost. However, things turn when Muskaan start living with her mother. The show is featuring Sonakshi Save as Muskaan, she is debuting her career as the child artist with the show. Apart from her, Ariana Dey who is playing the role of mother and sex worker is a Bengali actress as well as the model.  There will be different actors and actress like Levina Tandon and Shaurya Vardhan Sharma will also be going to be seen as lead cast.

Before Ariana, Different actress name was suggested for the role of Aarti which includes names like Mahhi Vijj, Hina Khan, and Tina Dutta. Neha Marda was the last name that was almost confirmed for the role but due to some reasons, Ariena got the role.

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