SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is a technique used by websites to achieve higher ranks on the search engines thus boosting their online presence. Achieving higher ranks on the search engines will make your website more discoverable and this means more traffic on your site. The more the traffic you receive on your site the more chances of success you will have. To achieve a higher rank on the search engines, you will have to improve your SEO. As a new blogger or website owner, you could be wondering what you can do to boost your SEO. Understanding how to do SEO properly will be of great significance to you and to your blog/website. 

In this article, we are going to look at some basic SEO tips that you should learn as a beginner.

1. Writing Relevant Contents.

The relevancy of the content you post on your blog matters. This may sound obvious, however, it’s not. When creating your content try to predict what your audience could be looking for and create something that is interesting and relevant(to your particular niche). It is what you put on your site that will determine the amount of traffic you will be receiving. Having interesting and relevant content will keep more individual visiting your site and this means higher chances of success. You can succeed in attracting huge traffic to your website but if you don’t have quality content on your site, you will not have any returning guests. Always ensure that you have attractive content updated on your websites so as to attract and retain visitors.

2. Update Frequently.

Having interesting and relevant content on your website is not enough. You need to ensure that you update these contents regularly so that your guests will have something new every time they visit. This will keep them wanting to come back every now and then. However, don’t post all your content at once; some may go unnoticed. Post at regular intervals so as to ensure that your visitors have enough time to go through all the content you add on your site. 

3. Use Captivating Titles.

Another thing that you should do to boost your SEO is to use captivating titles. This is very simple and it does not require specials skill to do. As you create your high-quality content to add on your site, don’t forget to craft a captivating and attractive title. The first things individuals will look at is the title of the content on your site. If you have boring titles nobody will waste his/her time going through whatever you posted. For instance, a title like “Top 10 Sure-Fire Tips To Boost Your SEO” would look more attractive compared to a title like “Some SEO Tips”. Whenever individuals search on Google they get too many results but choose to visit the one with a catchy title.

4. Using Social Media Can Help.

The use of social media can help you greatly as an SEO beginner. Of course, you are already using numerous social media accounts and you need to take advantage of them to boost your SEO. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn and many others can be used to direct more traffic on your website. You can use these social media to let more individuals know about your website/blog and to convince them to visit your site. By doing this, you will have more chances of attracting more traffic on your website and thus achieving higher ranks on the search engines. 

5. Avoid Excessive Ads On Your Site.

One thing that you should avoid doing if you are really looking to boost your SEO is the use of excessive ads on your site. Adding excess ads on your site may scare away your visitors since it gives them an impression that your site may be a spam site and has nothing useful. The checking has already been put in place in the page ranking algorithm of Google and hence you should be warned!

6. Use Google AdWords. 

Another thing you can to do to boost your SEO ranking is to use Google Adwords to help generate relevant keywords. This tool is available for free and it helps you come up with different keywords that are related to your particular site or business. It is a user-friendly tool that anybody can use without struggles. It generates keywords that you should add to your content naturally so that it gets indexed more often by search engines.

7. Submit Your Articles.

Another thing you can do to boost your SEO is to ensure that you submit your articles to the most popular article directories. Submitting your articles will help to generate more links to your site and this might help to rank you ranking on the search engines. There are numerous article directories where everybody can submit their articles anytime they want and for free.

8. Meta Description Tag.

You can have more characters in your meta description tag. The meta description tags are used to give the search engines summaries of what the pages are about. You can have as many characters on this tag as possible and be sure to add your keywords on the tags. You will have to make certain that your description tags talk about the pages and gives an overview of the content on your page. Description tags are likewise important since they can be used by Google as snippets when filtering the most relevant results on the search engines.

9. Writing Guest Posts.

Writing guests posts can help you in generating traffic to your site and likewise building some backlinks. You need to do this since you are a newbie and chances of getting a lot of views are minimal. Hence, if you write some Guests Posts for some bigs websites you will probably get backlinks through such posts and individuals might decide to visit your site from the guest post. This would in turn help to boost your SEO.

The above are some of the things that you should do if you are really interested in boosting your SEO ranking. Boosting your SEO will contribute greatly to the success of your online business and hence you should always endeavor to improve your SEO.