After a fireplace within the farmhouse, Suhani has had twins, Yuvaan and Yuvani, however due to a separation, Yuvaan, a sporty and sensible boy, is living with Suhani, Bhavna, Golu (Anant) and Sharad in Uttar Pradesh. Yuvraaj is now residing with Soumya and her daughter, Krishna – and his daughter Yuvani – a slightly spoilt girl who wants to look the nice due to talks from Daadi. The purpose for Soumya being with Yuvraaj isn’t known at this degree, however it’s miles assumed that Gauri (Yuvraaj’s sister) and Krishna (Soumya’s husband) have died inside the house fire that befell 6 years in the past due to a plot with the aid of Barbie and her brother Saajan, and that Soumya is supporting the Birla’s keep their family collectively and ensure the ladies grow up with mother and father. Yuvraaj has break up up with Suhani because of the Saajan incident that he claimed he would hold her responsible for. It is unclear where Soumya’s 2d toddler is as it turned into shown that Soumya was looking forward to twins at the same time as Suhani.

Years later, Suhani’s appearance and style has modified along with her becoming a fashion designer, who has a stricter persona at her place of business. She appears to have taken traits that a individual like Daadi might have. Menka has a 365 days old toddler called ‘Babu’ – recently discovered as an adopted toddler, at the same time as the brand new residence maid (Rama) is continuously winding Ragini as much as make sure her vicinity within the house doesn’t disappear due to the brand new toddler – which Daadi considers only a good bahu could provide her.

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