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This is the real reason you aren’t successful

Written by: Badmon

Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others? Have you ever wondered why some people seem to keep achieving their goals while others struggle?

Well, this article aims to enlighten you by opening your eyes to a phenomenon that every successful individual or team seems to have in common. You might be shocked once you get to the core of it.

Let us start with a short story.

Tiger Woods recently made one of the greatest comebacks in the history of professional sports. He won the masters well into his 40s despite being labeled as ‘finished’ by most mainstream pundits and keyboard analysts.

How did a man who was publicly shamed and broken find his way back to the top? How did a fallen hero make a legendary comeback when the world seemed to have written him off?

The answer might surprise you.

Tiger Woods simply become teachable. Yes, you read that right, he developed the ability to listen to his teachers enabling him to find a new lease of life.

This is the real secret to success, it is the ability to learn from your mistakes and improve.

In this regard, I have compiled a list of lessons that every successful person has to pass in order to become teachable, the list is based is on empirical research and will definitely have you headed in the right direction once you understand its content.

Let us begin.

1. Fail as fast as you can.

What do Investment behemoth Warren Buffet and Media guru Arianna Huffington have in common? What skill did Albert Einstein employ that made him stand out from his peers?

These characters are known titans in their respective industries but they all share one common skill, they have mastered the ability to take on failure in a manner that the average person cannot comprehend.

Warren Buffet can easily stomach a $1 billion loss without flinching, the event will barely affect his day to day routine. This is all due to his ability to focus on recovering rather than dwelling on his previous losses.

In a similar fashion, Einstein never let one bad equation define the essence of his scientific endeavors. He never wallowed in depression and self-pity, he never blamed himself for his mistakes and never gave up on his quest. Albert simply started over when things didn’t go his way.

2. A mentor will accelerate your growth.

My first few years as an online writer were riddled with disappointment due to my ability to ask for help. I could have built a profitable blog much earlier if I had just taken the time to find a mentor.

Rather than struggle on my own, I should have looked to the more established writers in my niche and simply asked for assistance. A capable mentor would have stopped me when I was about to mess up. They would have made my journey towards proficient writing a lot shorter and whole less frustrating.

Any individual seeking greatness must accept that there is a need for oversight and supervision. They must accept that mastery only comes from imitation of a much greater practitioner. They must humble themselves and ask for help.

I must, however, warn you of the emergence of fake gurus who claim to be masters of a particular craft but only as a front for their online pyramid schemes.

3. Your ego is the only obstacle between you and success.

Imagine if I had learned how to deal with my ego earlier? Imagine how good you can become at your craft if humble yourself and become teachable?

You must take action and destroy your ego if you want to become successful. You must find an efficient filter for the thoughts in your head so that the universe can teach you important lessons. You must learn how to take constructive criticism without feeling like you are being victimized. You must accept that you aren’t perfect and will always be prone to making errors.

Once your ego is in check you will no longer get embarrassed about your failures. You will simply forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made and this peace will enable you to start learning.

4. Measure your progress.

Learning requires you to track your progress over a sustained period. It requires you to find a standard that will help you measure whether you are moving forward, stagnating or moving backward.

You should however never compare yourself with other individuals, You should only compete with your past self. Ignore what your competitors are doing, their progress in no way related to yours.

Focus on measuring your abilities in the present and note whether the steps you have taken have helped you out or slowed you down. Once you have established how to do this you will then have the power to determine your limits and potential,

Remember not to start taking your learning and development for granted once you have started making considerable progress. This mistake will only cause you more failure.

5. Stay positive.

A negative mindset will never let you learn from your mistakes. It will prevent you from seeing the good in making errors and ultimately lead you down a path of regret.

Filter the thoughts in your head and refuse to let anything negative become your default as it will soon become a habit. You must learn how to view lemons as lemonade. These positive thoughts have a compounding effect on your development. They create an enabling environment for you to become teachable.

Imagine if Tiger Woods had let his failures define his career. He would have been remembered as the man who almost become a legend. Imagine if he had not picked up another golf club after his wife, fans and sponsors decided to walk out on him.

Tiger Wood’s incredible comeback at the Masters is simply a testament to what we can achieve when we start over and start learning from our mistakes.

If you want to find success I suggest you become teachable.