The episode starts off evolved with Bajirao looking to fight a tiger in a Jungle and save his pals. It is then while he recollects that on every occasion he’s in chance, his mom had asked him to light fireplace so that she will parent from the fumes that he desires assist, irrespective of wherever he’s.


Before he ought to use the stones, sticks and mild hearth, a tiger appraoches nearer. Baji tries to calm his friends down and tells them that in the event that they can not run, they have to all fight with the tiger. He motivates them by saying that anyplace there is a notion, there can’t be any worry. Everybody then choices up massive sticks get ready to assault.

On the alternative hand, Qamer Uddin stocks his plan with Aurangzeb that they will meet the Marathi sardaars and then Tara Rani bai will be all alone, and will be effortlessly killed. They test the thaali which Shahu ji had requested the infantrymen to take to the temple. Kam Baksh asks soldiers to keep a watch on him.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Radha herself had dressed in an apparel of a tigress to check Baji’s willpower, power and presence of mind in a situation like this. She thinks that Gotya, Pashu and Ishu’s dad and mom must additionally be worried about them so she decided to take they all lower back home. Baji feels unhappy that he couldn’t fulfil his promise of handing over a letter to his uncle. Suddenly, they see some human beings approaching them and whilst the youngsters asked for assist, they begin giggling in an evil manner.

Some mother and father approached Mama to invite wherein Baji and the kids were to which he responded that they wern’t not alone and that Radha is likewise with them in the Jungle. Guruji asked him why did she cross and how come the opposite children also went to which Bhiu and Chimma say that the children followed Baji to the Jungle inspite of forcing them now not to come. Guruji name callings Radha & Mamaji while Gotya’s father gets very indignant.

The youngsters assault the goons by means of throwing dust in their eyes and run away from the spot. Radha reaches the spot in some time but she would not find the youngsters there. She sees that the goons have taken the youngsters on horses and driving away. She starts walking with a stick in the back of them and receives bit with the aid of a snake.  Kam Baksh assessments the puja thaali once more and reads Shahu ji’s message on the rice grain and gets to recognise about Aurangzeb’s plan.

Baji and his buddies are trapped in a cave. To be endured.

Peshwa Bajirao receives again the very talented actress Pallavi Joshi to the small display screen. Her access become bang-on. She rightly stated at the press con, “Ab tak on- display bahut royi hoon, ab rulane ka waqt aya hai”. Pallavi is essaying the position of Tarabai, Queen of Chhatrapati Raja Ram Bhonsle.

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