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Zindagi ki Mehek: Mehek’s journey so far

Later ajay and pammi organise mehek and ajay’s mehendi at shaurya’s lawn after which shaurya makes ajay drink and records a video of ajay telling the truth about the wedding in his drunkard state. Shaurya, on the day of sangeet reveals the truth and the wedding is cancelled.


Mehek gets a new job as chef in a big hotel run by shaurya’s business enemy KD. Unknown of this fact shaurya and rajiv approach mehek for a job offer. Shaurya gets sad knowing about mehek’s new job but he lets her to continue it. Later with fall of events mehek and shaurya develops feelings for each other and they confess it.


Shaurya’s mom karuna invites sharma family to their house for marriage proposal. But svetlana and khannas insults and humiliates sharmas which makes mehek cancel the wedding. Seeking apology from mehek and to renew their relationship shaurya comes to sharma house and stays there. He then helps the family greatly and Mehak and him have a growing love. Eventually their wedding date is fastened. On the opposite hand Shaurya’s kinswoman and uncle need to prevent the marriage, when several unsuccessful tries on the marriage day they conceive to drug shaurya and throw him into the swimming bath and leave him to drown. On the marriageday shaurya’s kinswoman and uncle providehim juice that is intoxicated. Mehek has a particularly dangerous feeling once she and shaurya go different ways and shaurya does not show up for the marriage. but it seemsthat his kinswoman and uncle did notmanage to snatch him. nobody within thefamily is aware of wherever shaurya has disappeared going away a really distressed Mehak. Later Mehek involves grasp that Shaurya went abroad for promoting his new building. Mehek additionally realises that shaurya manages to require away mehek’s recipes and gets patents against them. mehek was broken with the very fact that shaurya did everything for revenge and for those recipes. when the flip of events mehek realized that shaurya is soft by memoryhowever restricts everything owing to his bitter childhood incidents, mehek goes to khanna house to create shaurya realise his mistakes and love for her.


The Mehek ‘s journey has been great and adorable so far and the show has also won many awards too under which the were nominated.With this we conclude Mehek’s journey we will be back again with the more and new updates from your favourite television shows .so for all the updates and television gossips and breaking news related to what all things are happening in your favourite show stay with us.

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