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Motivation is one of the significant things to our lives as individuals as well as an organization. Nowadays motivation has got major importance and there are many steps to motivate people for better performance. At the same time when people are motivated toward there desires, they are enjoying the life.
First of all, it is important to know what is motivation and be aware of the concept. So, motivation is encouraging people or making an interest to achieve their goals, desires, and needs in a better way. Motivation may be to achieve something that you wish to get or to avoid something that you don’t like. Motivation can done by ourselves or by another person and it is a psychological phenomenon. As an individual, if you want to achieve something you can encourage yourself or in organization employees are motivated by the organization.
Motivational Theories
As motivation plays a major role these days various scholars and organizations have developed various theories and concepts to give a better idea about the motivational process. The following are a few theories and concepts for a clear understanding of motivation.
1. Maslows Need Hierarchy
This is one of the popular and basic theory for motivation developed by Abraham Maslow based on human need. Here need has categorized into five parts as, psychological/basic needs (hunger, water, clothing, etc.), security need ( shelter, job security, etc.), social need (love, friendship, belonging, etc.), esteem need (self respect, recognition, achievement) and, self actualization need ( social service, meditation, etc.). Hierarchy goes as basic needs to complex needs and he explains that people are motivated by unsatisfied needs. When a person unable to fill basic needs, he is motivated to achieve those needs, not to achieve self-actualization needs.
2. Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory
This theory explains based on two factors as motivators and hygiene factors that are leading to a person’s satisfaction and avoiding the dissatisfaction. Motivators are factors such as achievement, recognition, responsibility, etc. that make a person satisfied. Hygiene factors are factors such as interpersonal relations, status, job security, etc. that will dissatisfy people when they are absent, but it will not affect the satisfaction.
3. Theory X and Theory Y
This theories are based on several assumptions and motivating people based on the suitable approach. Theory X assumes that the organization has an authoritative style of management and Theory Y assumes that organizations have a participation management style of management. Here based on the current organization policy, to motivate the employees to need to apply the opposite theory.
4.Goal-Setting Theory
This theory is about setting clear and realistic goals for employees to achieve their tasks quickly and perform better. The theory emphasizes the link between clear and specific goal setting and task performance are linked. It shows that clear and specific goals show the correct direction to employees. Proper goals and essential feedback are motivating employees to higher performance with quality.
There are many more theories and concepts that are talking about motivation in various aspects. But above is the most significant and common theories used around the world.
Benefits of Motivation
Apart from these theories, it is important to know why motivation is so important from past to now. There are hundreds of benefits for an organization through motivating its employees as well as self-motivation is beneficial as an individual. The following are the advantages of motivation for an organization and individual.
-Achieve organizational goals efficiently and effectively. When the human resource is motivated to work hard and goals are set optimally, the organization can achieve its goals.
-Employee commitment is increasing. Motivated employees are putting their full effort to complete their tasks in the organization.
-Employees work with their full efficiency. The gap between employees ability and willingness is filled and full efficiency can be reaped.
-Increasing the employee satisfaction. With the motivational factors implemented in an organization, employees are getting satisfied with their work.
-Build strong relationships between employees as well as higher management. This will lead to reducing the conflicts between people inside the organization.
-It helps to make the workforce stable. When employees are motivated and satisfied, they retain with the organization for a long time. So the organization can avoid time to time resignations.
Self-motivation also important in life to make the journey enjoyable. The following are the benefits of self-motivation.
-Leads to achieve personal goals. Everyone has various goals in different stages of life, so self-motivation leads to achieve those goals effectively and efficiently over time.
-It helps to develop your skills, talents, abilities and improve yourself and increase the value.
-You will be willing to accept new challenges in life.
-It makes you energetic always.
-Increase the level of confidence in any task by motivation.
-Motivation leads to learn new things and acquire new knowledge and make you more knowledgeable.
-It makes you happy and satisfied in life.
How to Motivate
There are various ways to motivate the employees in an organization as well as self-motivation. Following are some ways to motivate,
-Making a worker-friendly environment for workers. As employees are spending a lot of time inside the organization, the environment should be friendly.
-Giving monetary or non-monetary rewards to employees in a positive way.
-Positive communication between employer and employees make them feel significant.
-Set specific and clear goals and communicate them to employees to get a better idea.
-Make them work a little competitive in an enjoying way and it will increase productivity.
-Positive as well as negative feedback on their performance.
-Always remind yourself what do you need to achieve in your life.
-Make your day to day tasks enjoyable.
-Promise some reward for yourself for achievements.
-Make you positive-minded, that you can do anything.
-Create a list of tasks to your goal.
-Keep your goals visible to stay on the track.
-Create a schedule for yourself to do the tasks.
-Find a role model to get motivated to your goal.
-Dream about goal achievement and it makes you motivated and strong.
Motivation is encouraging people to achieve their personal or employment goals and there are various theories to understand and explain the motivation. Also, motivation is important for organizations as well as individuals to satisfy in their lives. At the same time organizations has several ways to motivate employees and individuals also can motivate themselves to achieve higher in life. Anyone can apply these motivational methods in any stage of life to succeed.