Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein

One of the toughest things to do when running a business would be managing a team. Your team must be motivated to go to work each day or else your business would fall. It would be great if you can motivate your employees to reach the common goal. If not, their absences will pile up and it will only be a matter of time before they resign. You will think you did all that effort in hiring them then it goes down the drain. Here are a few ways to motivate them so they can maximize their potential:

Host Events

There is nothing like organizing events so that your employees will get to know each other more. You can even join in and pay for everything. Of course, it should not always be work in your company. There should also be times when you would have fun while sharing stories with each other. It would be great if you could have some drinks at the nearest bar. Maybe have watch a live band together? It would be a splendid idea to get suggestions from them as they would surely have some ideas of their own. One of them may suggest to camp at the nearest beach and everyone may like the idea.

Reduce Workload

It is never a good feeling when one of your employees has a lot of workload. You may want to lessen her workload by assigning some of them to another of your employees or you can opt to do it yourself. The employee who got some of her workload taken out will definitely appreciate the gesture. Besides, nobody likes working long hours as she would probably have no choice so she can meet her deadlines. Also, her social life won’t be affected. Imagine having a job that requires a ton of time from you. That basically means you won’t have much time to go out.

Give Thanks

It would be great for you to call each of your employees to your office once in a while to thank them for everything they have done for the company. Of course, you would not want them to feel like nobody appreciates what they have done for the company. One small talk can go a long way in making them feel motivated in going to work each day. When someone feels like he is not getting appreciated in the company he works in, he can easily switch to the competitors.

Schedule a Team Building

A team building is different from events because it is where everyone in the company gets together for some fun. It is usually held at a resort or an events place. There will be a schedule of activities before everyone gets to have some fun. There is usually a bunch of games that will promote teamwork among the employees. Of course, this will also bring out the competitiveness in all the employees. You would want to offer prizes too so they would all want to win.

Improve Leadership

It is definitely a great thing to be leading your team by example. You must set a good example by being a role model to them. It would be a wonderful idea to attend leadership seminars every now and then. You will immediately see the difference once your employees see that your leadership skills have improved. Of course, they won’t feel motivated to go to work if they think they are better than their supervisor. They will think they can outwit you anytime they can.

Offer Incentives

You could have a bunch of sales people and you must motivate them to reach the monthly quota. One nice idea would be to offer cash bonuses when they reach that quota. They can use their bonuses to buy the things they have always dreamed of like gadgets, cars, and jewelry. There is nothing like buying the things you want after working hard for it. Don’t be surprised if they reach their quota before the given time because of how motivated they are to reach their goals.

Be Fair

When two of your employees get into an argument, you would want to hear both sides. You must make a decision that will benefit both of them. If one of them feels like she did not benefit from the decision then she may leave the company right away. Another situation when an employee complains about something, you must hear what she has to say. It would be great to have an open door policy so anyone in your company can come into your office anytime they please. This would give them peace of mind knowing they could speak at any point.

Increase Salary

There should be a point in time when you should increase your employees’ salaries when they have been with the company for a number of years. Besides, they would not last that long if they have not been performing well. There is nothing that motivates your employees more than the almighty dollar. When their salaries recently got increased, you can be sure they would feel motivated to go work again. They will definitely work harder than you thought until the time arrives when you decide to increase their salaries again.

Now that you know how to motivate your employees, you must not waste any of your time. You must begin immediately so they would know that you mean business. Besides, your employees are the bread and butter of your business. If they don’t feel motivated to go to work, then you may have no choice but to do their work during the days that they don’t go to work. It is never a good feeling so they must always feel like going to work is a great thing. Imagine going to work on time only to find out that your employees were there before you. That would be a great feeling and you are going to wish that would happen each day until a storm arrives and delays their arrival.